“Read 2 Samuel 1-2:7

“In the course of time, David inquired of the LORD, ‘Shall I go up to one of the towns of Judah?’ he asked.

The LORD said, ‘Go up.’

David asked, ‘Where shall I go?’

‘To Hebron,’ the LORD answered.

So David went up… ” 2 Samuel 2: 1-2a


“In the course of time. . .” – such a powerful little phrase for me not to have noticed it before. David had already been anointed as future king by the prophet Samuel. He then spent years of his life serving, fighting for, and then fleeing from Saul –the current king. I’m sure David had lost count of the number of times Saul had tried to kill him. When David was on the run, he had been given so many opportunities to hurry the process of becoming king by killing Saul but he didn’t take them. No one would have held it against David if he had  killed Saul – it seems everyone has been egging him on in fact – but David waits.

So when Saul is finally dead, and David has sung the song of mourning, I turn the page and long to see the crown placed on David’s head. I’ve waited long enough. And I would think he’d feel the same way. But David- already  anointed, already  called, already  followed by many people- he waits. Only ‘in the course of time’ does he step forward.


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LORD, I feel so sure that you have given me this calling, this passion and purpose.  I don’t know the ‘how’ of it yet. Or the ‘when’. Because of that, I feel unsure. I’m not sure You would really call me for this.  Did I imagine it, or just long for it so much that I now believe it? I don’t want to be unsure. I want to be still and know you are God.  I want to be a sheep that hears Your voice and follows – ‘in the course of time’.



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