Walking Together


Jeff and I thought it was just a Saturday morning of errands until we got to the Cook’s house to drop off a dish we’d borrowed.  Cam smiled as we walked in, ‘Want to stay for an espresso?  Double shot or a single? Would you like your milk frothed?’  They led the way out to the patio. The morning was cool but sunny and we settled into the deck chairs – custom drink in hand.  And time slowed.  I had felt so rushed moments before, but now it felt like a real weekend  Saturday morning.  Like there was endless time before my husband had to go to work.  Plenty of space in the schedule for the cleaning and the shopping and the errands.  I noticed the breeze and took a deep breath.  Took a sip and thought – how did they do that – this time slowing magic?

I watched Cam hand June her coffee and my mind flipped back to one of the first times we went on an outing with these friends.  They had invited us to the Armstrong fair.  And since it was a newish friendship, I was still worried whether everyone was happy.  It was such a gift to be invited out with them and they had done this trip multiple times.  They had memories to live up to and I didn’t want to mess anything up for them.

I thought I got the sense that they wanted to move on to the next event.  Jeff was hanging out with Seth – taking his time watching the animals.  I said to Cam and June, ‘It’s OK, we can keep going… they will catch us soon.’ I still remember Cam’s response.  “No,” he smiled,  “it’s fine… we always walk together.’ And for him that was no trite statement.  That is something he and June live by.  They walk together. Not only that day, hand in hand, as we walked from event to event at the fair but . . . in life.

And in that time-slowed-magic place sipping my coffee that Saturday morning, I sat remembering and I looked over at Jeff.  I’m a race ahead kind of girl.  And I am often looking around, happy to put others first in how I spend my time and what I do next.  And those are both fine… but I want to ‘walk together’ too.  I want Jeff  to be the ‘other’ that I put first, first – if that makes any sense.  Everyone else matters, too.  I know this.  But God gave me this man  to walk together with, this man  to put first of all the other beautiful people I love.

So I’ll adjust my gait. We walk together.