Mourning Heart

Read: 1 Samuel 15

“I am grieved that I have made Saul king, because he has turned away from me and has not carried out my instructions.  Samuel was troubled and he cried out to the LORD all that night.”

1 Samuel 15: 11

Ryan sleepingHow many nights sleep have you missed because you were crying out to the LORD? We don’t know what Samuel said but we know he was grieving over Saul.  He hadn’t liked the idea of Israel having a king but, if they had to have a king, he did like Saul.  He had mentored Saul, watched him grow into the role.  But that night, God let him know what he would find once again the following day; Saul would be doing things his own way instead of God’s.

I’m sure God’s words from the previous night were going through Samuel’s mind as he approached Saul.  He’s tired as he hasn’t slept.  His heart is wrung out from grief. Then Saul has the gall to call out a blessing in the name of Yaweh whom he has not obeyed.  When Samuel questions Saul regarding his disobedience, Saul argues, saying in essence, “Oh we did follow instructions mostly – the soilders just disobeyed so we could offer sacrifices to God.  Other than that we followed God’s instructions completely.”

“Stop!” Samuel interrupts.  He says, “you were once small in your own eyes.’ He reprimands him saying that it seems Saul now feels free to change the instructions God gives him as if he knows better. He tells Saul that God has rejected him as king.  Saul pleads with Samuel, even tearing his robe begging him to forgive him and come back with him. He’s concerned as to how he’ll look before the elders of Israel (v 30). So Samuel goes with Saul and worships with him.

You see – Samuel truly had  wanted Saul to succeed as king of Israel.  He worshipped with him one last time. And this was the last time Samuel saw Saul in this life.  But that doesn’t mean Samuel forgot him.  Samuel mourned for Saul – maybe a little too long in fact (16:1).  God had to push Samuel into moving on and anointing a new king.  But, in the midst of his grief, Samuel still obeyed God.

Is there a dream you are mourning the loss of?  Are you struggling to let it go and continue in obedience to God?  The LORD delights in our obeying His voice (v 22).  Let’s bring delight to the heart of God.


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