Accompanied by Valiant Men

Read 1 Samuel 10:26 – 11:15

“Saul also went to his home in Gibeah, accompanied by valiant men whose hearts God had touched.”

1 Sam 10:26


Everything is good when I'm with my big cousin
Willan with big cousin Caleb

Is there anything we can’t do if we are ‘accompanied by valiant men’? Why did God touch these men’s hearts so they would believe in Saul?

At this point, Saul had already been anointed king privately by Samuel. He’d returned home to Gibeah saying nothing of his anointing then responded with all of Israel  to Samuel’s summons to go to Mizpah. Samuel announced that a king would be chosen by lot – though both he and Saul already knew that God would have the lot fall on Saul. God’s promised signs had come true after all (10:9). The Spirit of God had come upon Saul and he was changed. But that doesn’t mean he was confident in this new calling. Imagine being the first king of a nation that had only had God as King up to this point. Imagine the prophet, the spokes person for God telling everyone that choosing a king was a bad idea. Then imagine that you knew you were chosen anyway. What a huge responsibility! No wonder he hid among the baggage, presumably hoping against hope that the lot would fall to someone else. (10:22)

Saul is dragged out of the baggage and presented to the people as their king. And you’d think Saul’s life would now  be different. But at that moment, nothing really seemed to change. Samuel still led. Samuel  explained the regulations of kingship. Samuel  dismissed the people to their homes. And Saul responds like just one of the people . “Saul also  went to his home…”- with mixed reviews. (v 26-7)

Later even though Saul is already king when the Ammonites threaten Jabesh Gilead, the elders of Jabesh don’t respond like part of a nation under a king. They speak on their own behalf offering a treaty. When that doesn’t work, they send word throughout Israel – not simply to their newly anointed king. But their new king does hear of their threat and once again the Spirit of God comes on Saul and he responds as king rallying the men of Israel to fight (11:8)

We don’t know who these valiant men are that accompanied Saul to his home. But we do know God had touched their hearts and that they went with Saul to Gibeah at this time in between being named  king and being confirmed  king. How gracious God is to touch hearts and send valiant men in the ‘time in between.’

One thought on “Accompanied by Valiant Men

  • October 7, 2015 at 9:18 pm

    What I love about these teachings about Saul, it that you see and present Saul as he was when he heard the Lord and followed him. So often Saul is used as an example of someone who failed. You have made me think about the importance of being in the present with the Lord, not leaning on my own ways, thank you.


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