about me

My name is Amy Falke (pronounced fall-key). Until I married Jeff, no one mispronounced my name.  I was then simply Amy Marie Brown. Yes the name is ordinary but, I love it because Amy means ‘beloved’.  If you’re like me, you need to be reminded often that you are loved.  I am Beloved! And every time someone says my name, I remember.  crazy kids

I am: a daughter of Africa – (thanks to my mom and dad who were missionaries in Zaire for 35+ years), sister to 5 – one being my twin.  I’m also wife to Jeff, mother of 4, organizer, encourager, crier, push out the door-er, learner, teacher, speaker, worshipper – but most of all follower.  Yes, I’m a follower – longing to be an undivided  follower of Jesus.